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Droneshot creates interactive drone panoramas to help real estate companies market their properties. Pivot, our custom-coded interactive drone panorama, immediately draws in the viewer to understand the property, in a way that has been traditionally difficult to communicate with text, pamphlets, or 2D maps. We are based in Philadelphia but because the majority of our work is coding, we take projects across the United States. We often outsource the local drone photography so we can focus on the coding and custom design which we do best.


Droneshot's most cutting edge technology: interactive 360 degree drone panoramas that highlight information about properties and nearby points of interest. Pivot has been successful for architecture firms, structural engineers, MEP consulting engineers, developers, general contractors, and any other companies in the real estate space looking to communicate their regional expertise. Pivot is entirely custom-coded, web-based, and virtual-reality enabled.

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Henry W Hudson, IV
Executive Vice President at BALA Consulting Engineers

"BALA has worked on 29 of the 45 new highrises in Philadelphia. A challenge we've faced is how to communicate our regional expertise in an innovative, visual way. We have had numerous, positive comments on the panorama. One person told me it was the best marketing piece he had ever seen."

Showcase Regional Expertise

No technology showcases a company's portfolio as clearly as Pivot does. Traditional marketing relies on paper pamphlets and websites that list out property names without visually showcasing the property. Pivot communicates the scale of a project or set of projects.

Use Cases

Pivot technology can be used to showcase any type of property. Here are some ideas and examples of visuals that we can shoot and add custom-coded tags. Click on the images below to view.

Golf Courses

Imagine Pivot as a marketing tool that shows prospective clients an aerial panorama of your golf course, with tags on all 18 holes, as well as information about amenities, location, etc.


Show prospective customers why they would enjoy staying at your resort. Is there an outdoor pool? Is there a beach? Is there a ski slope right across the street? Is it located right in the city?


Imagine a way to highlight the notable details of a large cemetery as a marketing piece, or even using Pivot as a internal tool to plan for the future.

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Christopher Kao
(714) 855-5951